MELECHESH’s Ashmedi Discusses “Enki” & Why They Are Pioneers Of A Different Style Of Metal (2015)

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“Recently, Srishti Das of Metal Wani got an opportunity to talk to guitarist and vocalist Ashmedi. Along with being the founding member, Ashmedi is the main brain and sound behind the sound of Melechesh. He discusses new album “Enki” & describes the band and the music as ‘Order and Chaos’, claiming that his own personality keeps alternating between order and chaos so much that he ends up finding order in chaos. Ashmedi describes that he grows bored of things easily which is why he is forever trying to create a different sound and up his game. This is the main reason behind the fact that Melechesh has always bee evolving and experimenting with different genres like Sufi, traditional Mid-Eastern music, folk and classical elements in its music. Lastly, Ashmedi also talks about his life and influences which lead him to write a 16-piece column not so long ago. Click on the link below to hear what more Ashmedi had to say!”


News: Believe it or Not – For the Millionth Time in 9 years, Tool’s New Album is Progressing Nicely

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Are you fed up? I sure am. Why. Does. Tool. Do. This. Every. Now. And. Then. I told myself, I would not believe any of these new news pieces till the album would be right in my hand. As a huge follower of Tool, one big enough to write a post titled, ‘Why the World Needs a New Tool Album‘, a few months ago but, I have more or less given up hope.

Still shameless when I see a news post on my Facebook screen, I click instantly to see “What the hell is up”. Just a few days ago we wrote about Danny Carrey’s  new project withMastodon and Off! called The Legend of the Seagullmen (Read here). Also, few days ago a video surfaces showing Adam Jones in the studio with Motörhead.

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Tuesday Run Down with Mechina: Software

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“Here we’re starting a new section this week with many others which is going to be based of software/rig run down. If you haven’t heard part 1 of the interview with Joe Tibei from Mechina – Click here for Thursday Interview with Joe Tiberi from Mechina.

Listen down below to stream the software and methods adopted by the band to sound what they sound like.”


Non- Djent News: Marilyn Manson announces North American tour

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Manson-2015-Tour-1024x576“If you didn’t catch our review of Marilyn Manson‘s newest workThe Pale Emperor, click here. If you’re a fan of the man and his music, well get excited because he’s heading out on a North American next month.

Announcements for openers haven’t been announced yet but a bunch load of dates are up under the tour name, ‘The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour 2015‘. Catch the dates here, tickets out on the 27th of February:”

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News: Intervals announce instrumental version of AVW; new music on the way

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A Voice Within was released by Intervals on the 3rd of March 2014 and just today, the band announced that they are ready to release an instrumental version of it exactly a year from then.

Over the last year, we’ve received thousands of requests to re-release‪ #‎AVW‬instrumentally. Whether its to learn the tunes or explore the music on its own, we hope you enjoy. It will be available next Tuesday, March 3rd, exactly one year from the original release. – Intervals on Facebook

That’s not it, the band also stated to its avid following about their work on new material, claiming that it would be their “most fun, challenging and honest music so far.”

You can listen to A Voice Within below.”

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Fan Submission: Andy Eshegovich – Graphic Designer

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I-Was-Once-the-Youngest-of-Earth-300x300“Hey world! I’m Andy Eshegovich, a 17 year-old musician, producer and graphic designer from Croatia. I’m the only person behind the project Indefinite Execution. While most people know me as Andy, that is just my nickname! My real name is Josip (Croatian for Joseph). I’m a high school student interested in IT (and music, obviously).

Under my oldest brother’s influence I started playing guitar at the age of 8. When I was around 13, I started taking everything more seriously – I began practicing more and writing original music. That was the time I started teaching myself graphic design. A few years passed and I had reached a level at which I could write, record and produce a record all by myself. I designed the album art and the webpage, as well as record and edit the video. I was, and still am proud of all the things I can do without lessons and/or assistance. I’m only getting better at it every day! As a designer, I am influenced by the works of artists like Cameron Gray and Daniel Wagner, but also many photographers (many of which are my friends). As a musician, I like too many different artists and genres, but my definite favourite artists and influences are Being As An Ocean, ERRA and Volumes.”

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News: Petition – We Want Facebook To Remove Having To Pay To Reach Fans And Followers

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“Music has through the ages changed the world. Facebook in modern times has really made it possible for that to happen. Many bands, journalists, photographers and other aspiring people grow up knowing that the music industry is hard to crack, still they go towards it. Are these people fools, idiots, delusional? Well, that would really make all of us on It Djents fall into that category. But, probably yes we’re fools and it’s not wrong to be one. Passion has helped us thrive and guess what else, Facebook.

If you’re a band, what is the first thing you decide to do to get your music out? Yes, Facebook page. Same thing happens for writers, producers, graphic designers, managers, photographers etc.”

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